Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Report: November 28-December 4

Trips -
MinusCar: 7
Multi-occupant Auto: 8
Single occupant Auto: 6

Winter strikes. Monday blizzard, bus no bike. Tuesday, I drove almost as if The MinusCar Project didn’t exist. Wednesday biked to work, hitched a ride home with The Wife after 4 inches of daytime snow fell. Thursday/Friday, I did the poor weather bus option, half of the single occupant trips are these.

The hardest part of riding the bus got harder this week too. Now, standing on the street waiting for a bus is cold. Also, the benches have snow on them, when I sit I can at least pretend to be buried by a magazine. And then there’s the whole thing of standing on the street in falling snow with busses running late because of the weather.

Thankfully, from the beginning The MinusCar Project included the use of busses. If I hadn’t done that all this non-bike-riding would BE failure, as opposed to just FEELING like failure.

My Car Miles: 51
My Bike Miles/Hours: 8/0.9

Morning Temperature Lowlights
11/30 – 14 degrees, wind ESE 6, windchill 2

1 comment:

Eric A. said...

Let's face it .
The weather here has been brutal for the last 10 days.
The 30F Degrees temps that may be here next week look nearly tropical.
As my razzings from other coworkers continues on weather or not I rode to work in a -25F windchill ,when I didn't, my only response is.
I'm crazy , not stupid.
Still , you did well to use the bus. I would , if I could.