Saturday, December 10, 2005

Final Thoughts on 12/8 or Why My LBS Loves Me

Last Thursday I completed the round trip bicycle ride to and from work. At the end of the day I had found a handful of even better excuses to add to my reasons for why a week had passed since I had ridden to work.

The good: the CatEye Triple Shot battery/light holds up nicely at zero degrees.

The bad: the NiteRider nickel-metal-hydride battery does not. Neither does the spare.

The ugly: while fumbling with the spare battery for the helmet mounted lighting I embraced my helmet in such a way that plastic/frozen/brittle Giro RocLoc snapped.

Why my LBS loves me: I’ll take a CatEye Double Shot, a new helmet…and a jelly doughnut. To go.

Two hours a day at zero degress, every day is too much. Sure, it shows hardcore cyclist tendencies…but it fails to hold up in the hardcore dad category.

Between this ride and last ride I took the single speed to the LBS so they could shift it. There was substantial gnashing of teeth regarding what gear to shift it to. We chose well. Thanks for the help guys!

On the way home, in the dark, without a working helmet mounted light, I found the siren song of sidewalk safety irresistible. I was not happy with that. Every block, in the middle of preparing for the block-ending wheelie over the mound of snow plow droppings I’m also checking over the shoulder for right turning cars. This is not a winning combination. I think more research could reveal a more comfortable route home...but that means. more. research. Where's my drawing board?


Does sponsorship work? - I've been passed probably a dozen times in my life by Jeff Kerkove at the 24 Hours of Afton. Because of this I read Jeff Kerkove's blog. Jeff Kerkove was sponsored by CatEye last year. I was looking to upgrade my lighting systems last year. I was fearful of switching to LED technology. CatEye LED technology was good enough for him, that was good enough for me. Thanks Jeff.

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