Monday, November 07, 2005

Report: October 31 – November 6

Trips -
MinusCar: 7
Multi-occupant Auto: 9
Single occupant Auto: 2

Active social lives are keeping these numbers high. Two single occupant trips, both for end of day picking up of The Boys.

My Car Miles: 9
My Bike Miles/Hours: 91/6.9

Morning Temperature Lowlights
11/4 – 30 degrees, wind CALM


Eric A. said...

Anytime bike miles are > than car miles. It's good.
So far these mild temps are a blessing.
and I have found the cause if global warming.
It's all the CO2 released when people open there pop bottles and cans. One 20oz bottle has enough CO2 to inflate a mtn bike tire to 40psi, and millions of bottles are opened everyday.

Anonymous said...


Don't forget that the trees need a bit of CO2. And, out here in the plains states, where trees used to be many fewer than they are today, we might just want to crack open a few more.