Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Two doh's! and a no!

The Wife is absent for a few days. Tuesday night:

We played Playdoh. Lots!
We listened to Techno.

I served The Boy 3 his supper while he continued to play. At one point he forgot what he was doing and picked up a piece of Playdoh and put it in his mouth.


He wasn't happy about that. Tonight we're gonna see if he can walk and chew gum.


Anonymous said...

Whenever you mention your offspring, I keep meaning to ask this question and now seems as good a time as any:

When you refer to Boy 3 etc is that the age of the child or the order of arrival?

I ask because not long ago you mentioned "Boy 7" and I concluded that you must be living proof that regular bike riding does /not/ lead to medical problems in the human:saddle interface area.

mytzpyk said...

Sheesh, you make me tired just thinking you think I might have 7 kids.

For a few more months the numbers refer to their ages. I make no guarantees after that.

Anonymous said...

I only have three kids. I am living proof that it does affect men. (at least that's what I say in the locker room).

Anonymous said...

Maybe next time it would help if you made sure the playdoh was cooked before you fed it to Boy 3.

Of course, real bread is quite a bit cheaper . . .