Saturday, August 12, 2006

$3.19 A Gallon

Just some pastor in a small church up there near Grand Rapids, Michigan. No big deal...

"...and God says let me serve notice on you. That the moment you become self sufficient, the moment you think it's all about you, the moment you think that it's your wealth and your land and your houses and your garages and your cars and your businesses that's the moment I will remove my hand and I will let you fall into slavery.

And we think that it can't happen in American culture.

$3.19 a gallon says that it can."

I think he might have been talking about the price of milk.


Eric A. said...

Yes , we are becoming slaves.
Sadly there is only so much we can do.
Simplify , then simplify some more.

Anonymous said...

Interesting quote. Rob Bell may be popular, but that doesn't make him right. The large size of the church he pastors doesn't equate to the legitimacy of his truth claims. You should review Dobson and Colson and see if their views on this issue are more in line with the ultimate Truth Book.

mytzpyk said...

Sorry, I failed to remember, this being the internets and all, anonymous visitors would come by and make assumptions about all sorts of things so…

To be fair to Rob Bell and anonymous MinusCar visitors, the words quoted do not belong to Rob Bell, but were uttered at Mars Hill Church by one of the summer guests. A guest from a presumably much smaller church, but that shouldn’t equate to the legitimacy of his ummm…”truth claims” either.

As far as I know Rob Bell doesn't have pastoral views on “this issue”…assuming “this issue” is global warming and not popularity, rightness, church size, legitimacy or "truth claims."