Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Community and Voluntary Redistribution of Wealth

I couple weeks ago after a ride I lamented to Snakebite: that I was looking at needing to drive the car to fix the car. I’ve complained about that before…just about every time one of the cars needs fixin’.

The headlight was burned out.

He suggested I fix it myself. Make it a riding the bike to fix the car story.

Woah. I ain’t considered that. I’ve been going to this shop since I started driving. The Dad’s been going there longer. I have a relationship. The sort of relationship a small business owner dreams of. When something’s broken you take it in to get it fixed, don’t stop to think about doing it yourself.

Last week I rode the bike to the auto parts store. Bought a light. Put it in. Done.

Thanks for the encouragement Snakebite:!

Speaking of small business owner relationships…I took the single speed in to The LBS because when something’s broken you take it in to get it fixed. The rear wheel needed some truth. It turns out the spokes were pulling the rim wall apart in four places so instead there will be a funeral for my most favoritist wheels ever.

This bike doesn’t look like this anymore. The yellow tires had to go too.



Patricia Burroughs aka Pooks said...

Okay. That is sad. Poor bike. It's going to miss its pretty yellow tires.

Anonymous said...


Snakebite said...

So, what are you getting for tires? And, what are thinking for wheels? I have a tire/wheel thing as well and wanted to see what you'll be running.

mytzpyk said...

I'm rolling on Mavic Cross Ride wheels with Continental Double Fighter Tires.