Thursday, August 24, 2006

Quick Hits

First: having missed the opportunity to wish Eayste well in his endeavor to participate in the 212 Gut Check I don't want to miss the chance to wish him well as he participates solo in the 24 Hours of Afton. Good luck Eayste!

Second: good luck to Snakesbite’s: team as well.

Third: I drove my car today from the driveway to the garage. The radar said hail and maybe tomato's (The Boy 4-speak) were possible. It doesn't count as a single occupant trip though because The Boy 8 rode with me. Added bonus, I got to see how many miles I drove last week. It was a good week.

Four: I picked up batch #2 of shirts with The BOB today. If you wrote an essay and are waiting for a shirt, I just have to mail 'em.

Five: More The Boy 4-speak: a bottle of Tropicana Twister juice-type beverage is a "Chocolate Can of Twister." Wait! Stay 4!


Anonymous said...

If it saves postage you can probably mail TD and SC's shirts to the same spot. Hope for more good weeks,

Surly said...

Even though mine's 11 now we still remember:

Christmas for Robin (Winnie the Pooh's 'human')

Hi Biscuits (a tropical flower)

Hello Copter (flying overhead)

Eric A. said...

Thanks MC.
There was some carnage at Afton.
I will have an update soon.
You should really do it again next year.