Tuesday, August 01, 2006

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Speaking of Sasquatch

Sasquatch in Lincoln, NE -

The 5 "E's" of bicycle commuting - Why do I ride my bike to work?

Economical--I save money on the obvious thing, gas, but I also save on parking, decrease wear and tear on the car (city driving is hard on cars), and I recently cut my insurance premium by $120/yr (car is listed as pleasure vehicle.) Cars are nothing but money pits, and anyone out there who says otherwise is fooling himself.

Exercise—-I ride my bike a minimum of 8 miles a workday. While that isn’t much for many people, including myself now, that is about 40 minutes of moderate physical activity 5 times a week. On days I want to push myself, I take a hilly route at a fast pace. On days I feel tired, I simply pedal slower and enjoy the scenery. I feel energized when I get to work. I destress on the way home.

Environmental--There is one less car on the road burning our precious oil. We are entering a global crisis in which much blood will be shed over this coveted commodity. I don’t want anything to do with it. Plus, I’ll be more prepared when that day comes when people who live 40 miles from work can’t get there because they can’t afford fuel. I’m not in the “go to work to pay for the car to get you to work” cycle.

Efficiency--Bikes are the most efficient means of transportation. Do I need a 2,000 pound vehicle to drive me down the street to work or the grocery store? I can also go where cars can't and get to many of the places I need to go just as fast as in a car. Bikes are also simple machines that require very little maintenance and repair, compared to a car.

Enjoyment--There is a simple pleasure to be found in riding a bike. We all did it as kids. Why not now? Fresh air is a good thing! I love the looks I get from drivers who realize I’m biking to work. I don’t doubt that many of them wish they could be doing the same thing. Yes, the –20F windchill was cold last Jaunary, and today’s 110F heat index makes me sweat. Yet the payoffs are so worth it. Try it, you might be surprised!



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