Sunday, August 27, 2006

I’m Still Not Getting It – Let’s Go To Church

In early August, when Pat Robertson’s faith seemed to be eroding from the flow of his own sweat, an Anonymous commenter suggested I “find a bible believing church and learn the truth.” (Lot’s of words at that link, be careful.)

In Mid August, a different Anonymous commenter suggested that a church I pay attention too might not be the right one. Shoot! The commenter also seemed to suggest that James Dobson and/or Chuck Colson’s views on global warming might line up better with the bible. Crap, those guys aren’t even churches.

I don’t want to go to prison to be ministered to and I’m generally afraid of convicted felons so I’m going to leave Colson alone.

Dobson on the other hand, I listen to him occasionally. In fact I scooped the world once, being the first person in Google to quote Dobson as suggesting that Nation Evangelical Association Vice President Richard Cizik (or was that people like Cizik?) have an “underlying hatred for America.” Cizik’s a Reagan Republican even! No wonder I can’t find the right church.

So I guess I’m as good a source as any to report Dobson’s views on global warming; May 19th being the last time Dobson offered anything on his radio show about the matter. I have plenty of opinions there about some of the things he said. I have to leave it up to the thoughtful reader or Anonymous commenter to decide how the words square biblically.

But I hate to leave this post simply as a re-hash of my old material so check out this freshly researched post over at the Levellers blog - Follow the Money: Calvin Beisner, ExxonMobil, & Global Warming. I contributed questions (the second comment) and received answers (third comment) from the author/researcher that show the louder speaking actions of Dr. Dobson and the group he aligns his global warming views with – The Interfaith Stewardship Alliance.

Sorry Anonymous commenter, as you can see I didn’t find your suggestion much help. You didn’t specify what you might have been thinking, perhaps you can offer something from Chuck Colson that’s helps me realize what you’re thinking.


Patricia Burroughs aka Pooks said...

The mainline churches (Lutheran, Epsicopal, Presbyterian, Methodist, Episcopal, I may be missing some -- but churches with historical roots straight back to Rome) have a refreshing attitude toward science -- they don't tend to expect you to check your brain at the door as you enter. Unfortunately, more and more Americans seem uncomfortable with the idea that we don't know everything and a Christian life is sometimes a life of tension as we struggle to learn God's will -- and are drawn to evangelical personalities who think for them. Anyway, digression aside, you will find that the mainline denominations have come out on the side of the environment (ex: The evangelicals don't need to worry, though. The media doesn't pay much attention to the actions of mainline denominations because mainliners don't tend to vote/think in lockstep, thus aren't seen as an easy target for politicos.

Snakebite said...

Maybe you don't need a church. Example, me. My faith is the strongest it's ever been by far right now. This happened when I came to the conclusion, for me, religion is crap. For a while I confused religion with faith. To me, they are completely different. I do not need religion to keep my faith strong.

I don't discuss or argue religion with anyone. I also don't push my views on others. I did find peace when I let go of religion. I am much better for it.

LvilleTex said...

sorry you're being accosted by psychos. my family goes to church regularly, and i do sometimes under duress, but i'm ready for the 4th Great Awakening to go away. Fundamentalist Christians, Muslims, Jews, and Hindus have caused enough trouble of late.

Woodog said...

“Without religion a good man does good and a bad man does evil things. But for a good man to do evil, that takes religion”.
-- Richard Dawkins, quoting a physicist

I'm fearful of the path that religious insanity is taking humankind.


Anonymous said...

Very interesting blog. In regards to pooks' comment, I always thought that it was certain Christians who were uncomfortable with a life of tension from not knowing everything. I thought that's why they sometimes spend more time beating Bibles than reading them, especially once !politics! comes up. Notice I'm careful to specify "some." Hmmmm.

Nice blog. :-) Cyclers rock. I'm a total pedestrian myself.

Patricia Burroughs aka Pooks said...

I think we're on the same page with that, Curt. And glad to find your blog via this place. Will bookmark it.