Monday, January 29, 2007

Let’s Be Religious: Biblical Perspectives On…III

The People of Nineveh vs Their Existence

Jonah gave the people a 40 day warning, the people responded and they were not destroyed. I think they worked like crazy asking each other what they should do. For 39 days. It’s the abortionists! It’s the homosexuals! It’s the judges! It’s the religious right! It’s the religious left! It’s nothing. It’s the oil barons! It’s the terrists! It’s the United States! It’s the rich people! It’s the poor people! It’s the environmentalists! It’s the capitalists! It’s the immigrants! It’s the church! It’s the state! It’s all the –ists and the -isms and everybody else!

What answers did the people of Nineveh finally come up with? They stopped eating, quit what they were doing, and sat down in the dust.

Each individual person. Stopped. And then the king heard about it. He stopped too.


I’ve been working like crazy for two years to ask as many people as I could how I can live my life on a warming planet. I’ve done my best to be placed appropriately in public settings. With the help of some very beautiful friends I’ve been able to ask in some very cool places, including falling just shy of Good Morning America. I started a blog and ended up with many more readers than I ever dreamed.

I think I’m at 12 now that The Wife quit reading. Are you still reading mom? I kinda doubt Snakebite is still reading but he won’t return my e-mails to confirm. But I digress.

I’ve been immersed in global warming thinking and conversation for two years now. To me the core of the issue is the production/consumption cycle. Production and consumption of food is a very high percentage of that. To consume food we need money. To get money we produce goods. To produce we work.

Next up, an inconvenient truth.


Snakebite said...

Dude, I did return your email. The second one from the other morning where you said, "Did I really say that." I'll send it again.

Eric A. said...

I'm not a religous man, but I like where your blog is going.

mytzpyk said...

Thank you E. I appreciate the encouragement.

Woodog said...

I dig it too

Anonymous said...

still readin' :)

mytzpyk said...

Sarah! Thank you.