Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Let’s Be Religious: It’s What’s Next

According to research tomorrow is the most depressing day of the year. Today is also the second anniversary of the day a whole lot of things changed for me. Read all about that in the True Confessions post and entry #2 at the bottom of the Geez Magazine De-motorize Your Soul Digest page.

A reminder to readers who come here for the usual absolutely laughable, amazingly liberal, totally refutable and utterly nonsensical thinking: I just finished a series where I tried to be as conservative as I could be. Although I slipped a little bit in part three I tried to make up for it a little bit with the comment I left about father and son Bush.

Because I’m on a roll I’m going to take a few more posts to practice being religious. Mostly these next posts are for my biggest fans. The ones who visit most often. Especially the ones who anonymously post stuff like this…
I love all those SUV's and minivans at my church. There are very few cars (and no bikes) there on sundays. And those good folks there are hearing the truth and following the Word.
You need to find a bible believing church and learn the truth.
You should review Dobson and Colson and see if their views on this issue are more in line with the ultimate Truth Book.
Why the concern with the environment when it is evident the end times are near. The concern should not be in saving gas but in saving ourselves.
Remember I am not a rocket theologian so cut me some slack. I’ll do the best I can. You’ve been warned.

(…to be continued…)


Anonymous said...





bikingbrady said...

Dear PJ, I too can find right wing attempts at refuting the reality that is global warming....but I'm smart enough not to believe it.

mytzpyk said...

Yep. The base is getting stirred. PJ, which of the four anonymous comments in the main post are yours? Come on, you can remember.

Yeah yeah been there done that.

co2science.org and acton institute have received $300,000 from ExxonMobile in the last decade.

stewards.net and interfaithstewardship.org all enjoy the services of Calvin Beisner.

Read about Calvin Beisner at the Leveller's blog: Follow the Money: Calvin Beisner, ExxonMobil, & Global Warming

Can you say echo chamber?

Dig a little deeper in that Leveller's post and you'll find mention of who else but...Dr James Dobson.

Thanks for playing. I'm looking for something to believe in. Next...

Anonymous said...

Harold C.,
Why weren't you over to see your hero tonite?
“I want you to feel this precious Earth just beginning to slip from our grasp."

peddlinshutterbug said...

oh, who went to see Gore? The rich man flies in and out on his expensive, fuel guzzling jet, then right into his luxury limo. So much for walking the walk. Truth is... we are ALL dependent petroleum based goods and oil, warmth, refrigeration, coal heat, plastics, etc. I'm as guilty as the next one... Where does this all get us? Our enemies laugh at us while they condemn us, hate us for our freedom and the only vision many in other countries have of us is our filthy hollyweird, cookie cutter, ear marking politicans and our wimpy press. end of rant.

mytzpyk said...

Could it be that one of my anonymous friends is getting ready for the unmasking?

Does my anonymous friend call out my dad by name and take a swipe at him and at the same time reduce the number of possibilities of who they could be from a couple hundred thousand to say 30?

Come on you can do it. Who are you? Unmask so that I can make proper apologies and penance.

Might my anonymous friend, upon discovering dismay that I posted at 8:30pm after an evening of shoveling snow with my neighbor on a night that Al Gore was in town call out my dad instead?

Who's the quote from anon?

Anonymous said...

You need to be open minded to the thousands of scientists who find global warming to be questionable at best,and unlikely at most. I take the position we only have data for the past 70 years, and only about 50 years is reliable based upon the equipment first used. Whether you believe the earth is thousands or millions of years old, this earth has been covered entirely with water at one point, has been covered with glaciers at one point, and obviously gone through intense change BEFORE most humans were here. I don't have your faith to believe that based upon a mere fraction of time, ie 50-70 years, that our earth has global warming problems. Global warming is a political issue, not a scientific issue. I don't think you really are that smart after all.

mytzpyk said...

PJ! A well stated and thoughtful position. Thank you. Promise to keep PJ as your moniker?

I have a little different perspective on your assertion that "Global warming is a political issue, not a scientific issue." I think it will work into an upcoming post.

Garrett said...

Global warming is a scientific issue. It's the earth's homeostasis. As the temperatures fall, plants are less able to thrive and therefore use less CO2 to make O2, creating a greenhouse effect. When the planet is warmer, more plants thrive decreasing the CO2 levels and minimizing global warming. It's the science of how the earth maintains its temperature and it similar to how humans maintain glucose levels until they ruin the system and become diabetic.
I'm not a gloom and doom guy,and I don't know how much the earth can tolerate (probably quite a bit) but cutting down the forests that use the CO2 and pumping tons of CO2 into the atmosphere can't continue forever

Mike said...

"[i]we only have data for the past 70 years[/i]"

Apart from all the data for the last few thousand years, you mean?

Anonymous said...

show me one piece of evidence that shows the temparture on our earth before January 1, 1930. I'm waiting...there is none.

Spoke-N-Sport said...

I know it has been said before and I'm just going to repeat what I heard. What if Global Warming isn't a problem, what happens? What if Global Warming is not a problem, what is the result? Is it important to be responsible w/ what you have? Is it more important to just have? The lesser gives you self control, discipline and happiness. The latter gives you a GINORMOUS house, possibly a storage unit or two, cars, stuff, stress and quite possibly no happiness. Oh and you'll probably gain weight and get acne or something.

peddlinshutterbug said...

acne huh? that is funny.... on a serious note. I am no scientist, but I think many scientists agree there is SOMETHING going on. Regardless of the CAUSE of what we call "global warming" (more monikers).... at any rate, deductive vs inductive evidence aside, it is our human, flawed (scientists included) opinion, theory, proof,(whichever symantic we choose.) This is a relativistic short view, especially if you believe our universe is 'billions and billions' of years old. There is much evidence, such as quoted by Gore, that is gleaned only from meteorologic history, which is short; just about 150 years of records. Look at a few paleoclimatologists' opinions and you will get different 'opinions.'.. Truth being, we need to adjust to this change, whatever is causing it. And we get a little cleaner air and healthier bodies out of it. GOOD. I think it is arrogant to think we are so influential on the climate of this dynamic planet, and we should be better stewards, but we are all paddling in the same proverbial boat.

Anonymous said...

Anonomoys, was that you handing out literature outside the Elmen Center? Didn't know it was you.

You're just talking about the modern, easy-to-read thermometers. There are other ways to measure temperature.

After a very brief search I found this:

Colin Madland said...

PJ, Anon,

ask the Inuit up here in the Great Brown (used to be White) North if things are warming up...as far as temperature data from previous to 1930... it took Google 0.42 seconds to find this link


Oh and how about the data from core samples drilled in Antarctica, they go back 420,000 yrs. Here is a link

And a short quote
"the scientific consensus is that GTGs (greenhouse trace gases) account for at least half of temperature increases, and that they strongly amplify the effects of small increases in solar radiation due to orbital forcing."

That one took 0.17 seconds...long wait.

mytzpyk said...

At this instant I'd like to play moderator and suggest moderation in pointing out data from around the internets.

This post could fill up with a brazillion comments of different links to different data and I'd like avoid that if possible.

That doesn't mean further conversation can't and shouldn't happen.

Thank you.

Colin Madland said...

Sorry MinusCar, it was too hard to resist.

I think it is obvious that the earth is warming and that the warming trend seems to be accelerating when compared to the previous several hundred years.

There is also a significant correlation between CO2 in the atmosphere and the temperature of the earth.

The million dollar question is which comes first, the CO2 or the rise in temp? And, how much of the warming trend is human-caused.

I would like to know where we stand as far as average global temperatures in the last 100 years compared to average temps in the last 100 million years or so.

I suspect that our current temps would be below the average and that the current situation is partly the natural cycle of temperatures but the natural cycle has been accelerated by the amount of Carbon that we are releasing.

My thinking is based on the fact that the carbon that we are currently releasing by burning fossil fuels must have at one time been part of the atmosphere before it was fixed by plants, then eaten by dinosaurs who subsequently died and took with them these massive amounts of carbon to be fixed underground until we dig them up and re-release them...speculation, I admit.