Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Smells Like Jesus (The Marketing Of…)

There are important disclaimers below.

For a few months we’ve been performing inexplicable breathing treatments for The Boy 4. They are strange because we have his diet under control. They are strange because wintertime is a low environmental allergy time of year.

As parents we mentally note the circumstances and try to figure out just what might be causing the problem. Finally last Friday there was enough information available to point to nap time at daycare.

This morning The Wife posed the simple question and by the end of the day our daycare provider had identified a prime suspect.

The ingredients reveal our daycare provider's suspicions are right on. Got milk?

This is a very special lotion. It’s special because it “smells like Jesus.” Go ahead look it up in The Google. At the time of this posting the brand is the number one search result.

Today we learned that The Boy 4 is allergic to Jesus.

In a typically mixed blessing sort of way, it’s useful to have the physical manifestation of symptoms to confirm the information provided to us by the doctor and the lab. It's especially useful when it doesn't include an ambulance ride.


Let me be clear.

The Boy 4 is allergic to dairy. That includes lactose, an ingredient in this lotion.

The physical issue here is the dairy product and The Boy 4's allergies. It is not the lotion itself, nor the company that creates the lotion.

As parents we believe we are responsible to manage The Boy's allergies. Not our daycare provider, manufacturer, or lotion marketer.


1/18 UPDATE: When I wrote this post I was a little afraid I'd supplant www.hisessense.com as the top rated Google search result. That would have been embarrassing. I'm search result #3.


The Donut Guy said...

Holy Mother of God.........I never knew they had a line of products like that.

Our son is asthmatic and the dry winter air is good for his allergies but hell for his asthma.

Anonymous said...

This is laugh-out-loud funny on multiple levels. Thank you for showing me once again what a strange little planet we share! Ha Ha!

On a more serious note, I hope Boy 4 is doing better with his allergies!