Sunday, October 05, 2008

In Tandem

When we awoke this morning The Boys were absent. I guess that makes sense having left them with a grandparent after soccer for the evening. The Boy 6 scored a goal by the way.

So we jumped on the tandem.

We visited the I-29 pedestrian bridge. The Wife, for the first time, didn’t like my driving. As we descended the tight curly Q ramp she was wishing for brakes. Adjacent to that are some newly painted sharrows on the west bound lane of Teem Drive. The east bound lane has had a poorly maintained fully painted bike lane since the construction of the bridge. The road no longer suggests riding bicycles on the wrong side of the two-way road.

We rode through the Japanese Gardens to find a previously elusive letterbox. Our first attempt at finding it a month ago was thwarted by some teens quite happily enjoying the seclusion of the area. It was clear they were just as intent to wait us out as we were them. The won last time, we found it this time.

We then toured the relatively new Veteran’s Memorial Park. There are a variety of memorials there including some dramatic readings of ways veteran’s earned their medals of honor. It’s a nice park for remembering that sort of thing...and they left room for growth.

From there we ventured into downtown and enjoyed newly painted southbound sharrows on Main Ave, then enjoyed the south side of the MUP. Stops at Starbucks and Walgreens, introducing The Wife to my wet weather Louise Ave avoidance techniques, finally after 23 miles she was happy to be finished with her longest bike ride ever.

Have a nice rainy day…or three.


Tez said...

Good job Mrs Car!

DIRK said...

Sounds like a great way to spend the day. I'll start calling her Mrs. MinusCar.