Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Staying Inside The Lines

As a kindergartener The Boy 10 may have had some difficulty coloring inside the lines. Watch your toes when waiting to cross this intersection.

I hope he never gets this bad.

Save a mailbox, ride a bike.

The lines are much more fun.


chiggins said...

Someday, we'll have to worry for our mailboxes from yutes on xtracycles playing mailbox baseball. Should be good times.

Eric A. said...

I don't miss living in the city one bit. But I do miss riding my bike to work on a regular basis.
I will again soon.

DIRK said...

Wow, a lot of pics lately. Start posting video and I'll call you The Mayor!
The pic of your shadow is good!

Anonymous said...

Ha! You make me want to make one and send to MC so he can post it just to throw you off!