Thursday, October 02, 2008

Lambchop and Liberal Libertarians

Lambchop Rides posted this YouTube Video. There are gas shortages in Atlanta. It's so serious...well, you might remember my previous post.


And then there's this...


Eric A. said...

I have yet to understand why some southerners are not that bright.
Maybe it's the summer heat ?

I was down , and to the left, of your red dot, about 4 blocks.

CoCargoRider said...

I was also left and down of your placing. I loved how of the 93 cars, an overly large number were SUVs, minivans, or trucks! I really loved the Hummers!

chiggins said...

The day the ex-president of the company I worked for in SF was sentenced to however many months in prison for the scam that sank us, I found it remarkable that, though I'd thought I'd enjoy the schadenfreude of seeing him put away, what I actually felt was sorry for him and his family, and angry that he put us all in this position. What I wanted, ultimately, was not for him to suffer, but for all the people I worked with to have their jobs and future with the company back. But "justice" was all there was, and it was mostly a sad waste.

I feel something like that watching all these people waiting for fuel, living in communities that were built for the age of happy motoring. I'd have thought I'd be enjoying some smug satisfaction right about now, but my only reaction is, "Man, seriously, what are they gonna do? Those towns weren't meant for getting around without wheels!"

I wonder if college towns, built for pedestrians and the able-bodied broke-this-week, are gonna become more popular?

Oh, yeah I came up -5ish each way. Fuckin' Ghandi I am, evidently!