Wednesday, August 19, 2009

090810 - Walking In The Rain

I continue to enjoy the reports from New Jersey about police officers detaining a crazy looking dude walking in the rain. Seems claiming to be Bob Dylan and on-tour with Willie Nelson and John Cougar Mellencamp isn't helpful.

When asked why he was walking in the rain Bob sa - what?!? Don't ask Bob Dylan why he was walking in the rain! Have we learned nothing from him?

Good demonstration here from Bob showing a right proper way to be detained by police.

Today I was prepared to do my own walking in the rain today but suitable clouds proved elusive.

Today's transportation in miles -
Bike: 0
Walk: 1.9
Bus: 11.4
Multi-occupant vehicle: 1.0
Single-occupant vehicle: 0

I do look mighty fine accessorizing with an umbrella.

Today was my first experience with the new time tables. I've complained here about the unreliability of some routes at the end of the day. They've added time for the routes during peak hours. It adds a level of complexity to the time tables but it also makes arrivals and departures much more predictable. Therefore, reliable.

Way to go Sioux Falls Transit!

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Anonymous said...

the proper way to be detained by police while walking in public. for walking. I'd laugh, but it has happened to me more than once where on a perfectly legal late night walk in America, police have seen fit to stop and ask to see an id. "Papers please" is what they always say in the old movies.
there is no proper way for police to detain you for walking in public. none.