Thursday, August 27, 2009

090827 – Corrections

When I don't blog I don't make errors here. When I occasionally blog I occasionally make errors. Now that I try to do something everyday…well…

First: I rode the freshly laid sharrow today nearly from tip to top. It in fact doesn’t stay on West from 41st to 22nd. It jogs at 28th, east one block, to take advantage of the traffic control device at 26th and Lake. I also noticed in the course of today’s travels that many of the sharrows on 22nd St have been refreshed.

Second: Reverend Billy Talen secured twice the required signatures to be placed on the NYC Mayoral ballot. I noted with interest a headline today indicating that incumbent Mayor Bloomberg feels as though he’s running unopposed. He’s probably right, but I believe being in the game is more important than winning - especially when the game is unwinnable.


I enjoyed lunch at the Pickle Barrel today. I’m just saying.


I talked with a print reporter today.


I found occasion to transport myself.

Today’s transportation:
Bike: 20.9

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