Wednesday, August 26, 2009

090826 – How It Should Be

Today’s transportation:
Bike: 12.4


In defense of questionable but resourceful craftsmanship here. The rear tire was without duct tape – and flat.


I should have mentioned tensions were high on yesterday’s bus ride. There was a strike to a thigh and a kick in return. A shout of, “Quit kicking me!” and then he scampered off the bus to avoid additional recourse. It was incredibly childish.

I also saw someone get hissed at; with unconfirmed reports of trace amounts of venom.


The bike trail north of Maple will closed for repaving beginning tomorrow - with apology for short notice. Repaving? Shut it down yesterday without notice if you’re going to repave it – is my opinion. Thank you The City.

for official announcement.


Anonymous said...

Wow, it will be nice to ride that part of the trail without jarring my dentures loose!
I wonder why they decided to finally redo that section???

Tez said...

THAT ROCKS! Well, not the tire repair or the people kicking each other but the repaving! That section was BAD! THANKS CITY OF SIOUX FALLS!

mytzpyk said...

Mayor - in part because the bicycling community asked for it.

thE_kErnEl said...

On our bike ride w/Don Kearney last year, he stated that this section would be repaved this year. Thanks, Don and thanks Mr. Mixed Pickels!

mytzpyk said...

Thanks kErnEl. That's kinda what I figured - and once he says that to people it enables it to STICK on the calender. In fact, it moved sooner.