Sunday, August 30, 2009

090829 - So This Is How Saturday's Work

A woman at the farmer's market made a point of reading my t-shirt today. "The MinusCar Project", she said. "Minus is the new plus." She laughed in just the right way to indicate she didn't understand. I didn't bother to explain that it's similar to the principles by which she surely raises her natural beef.

Less is indeed more.


Today's transportation -
Bike: 5.8
Multi-occupant auto: 41.5


I noticed this Augie Green Bike out in the wild today. Very nice.


Sertoma Ave is being widened and urbanized between 12th and 26th. The City is building capacity for almost 32,000 vehicles a day in 20 years. A bike lane is being installed. I enjoyed the completed portion of that today and dealt with one vehicle.

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