Thursday, June 22, 2006

Focus On the Family “REALLY Gonna Get It” This Time

MinusCar Future-news Service – 06/27/06 - CSPGS – Not since 9/11 has a single hour of any day done this much damage to the US economy. Not since War of the Worlds has a radio hoax of this magnitude occurred.

Last week Focus on the Family’s Dr James Dobson left his daily radio program in the once capable hands of John Fuller and psychologist and author Dr Bill Meyer. Fuller and Meyer selected a previously recorded show from the secretive black vault. The show featured financial counselor and funny-man Dave Ramsey. Apparently it was Fuller’s failure to appropriately communicate the satirical nature of the content that lead to his arrest as a terrorist under the US PATRIOT Act.

The satirical show was spent humorously exploring the fact that much of the increased standard of living in the US has been debt financed. Ramsey jokingly suggested that this financed standard of living is a large cause of marital strife, even a leading cause of divorce.

Ramsey saved much of his pointed humor for the automobile. There were plenty of funny lines like “The Dave Ramsey Show is The Sell Your Car Show” and “amputate the Tahoe”, “sell the stupid car and go home [to be with the kids instead].” Ramsey also fronts hilarious ideas like paying cash for a $4000 used Honda instead of financing something newer and better. Ramsey had Fuller and Meyer in stitches much of the time.

Apparently these ideas struck a cord with listeners. Millions of Evangelical American’s immediately took Ramsey’s advice and decided to spend only cash they had on hand. This drop in credit card use left banks across the country struggling to find ways to support their crumbling credit card divisions. First Bankcards, who had just broken ground on a $15 million facility in Sioux Falls, put plans on hold, causing loss of work for countless construction workers, not to mention the 500 jobs they had planned to add for the facility.

Chaos has been the rule for the retail sector as millions of American’s curtailed their spending and consumption of goods stagnated. This caused a ripple effect across the global economy. Many of the leading growth indicators had to be renamed to shrinkage indicators to reflect the damage that has been wrought.

John Fuller was lead away from the Colorado Springs Focus Headquarters by Karl Rove and Dick Cheney on Friday. He may or may not be held in Guantanamo, where he may or may not face terrorism charges. As he was placed in the truck he wanted observers to know that the CD’s for the show could be purchased from the Focus website and that summer months are indeed lean months for the ministry so please consider an additional generous donation. Credit cards are accepted.

Dr Dobson – “I feel real sorry for Fuller, but the black vault is for shows that don’t fit the Focus ministry goals. Fuller knows this. I don’t know what he was thinking. Obviously, if our standard of living has been built on debt financing the only way to hold the standard is to keep financing. The standard is important because living comfortably is very important to millions of American’s and their families. The US economy is not to be tampered with. Fuller should know this too. He’s been by my side as we’ve struggled to defend the status quo against attacks from people who want to paralyze industry and have an underlying hatred for America. We are not those people. Pfft.”

Dr Meyer – “I didn’t realize it was satire. I was there in the studio and it all made good sense to me. Some of it was even biblical. I’m just surprised so many people took action according to what we were saying. I mean, one person changing their behavior, that’s bizarre, but millions of people…that’s beyond conception. Usually it seems like nobody’s listening.”

Bill O’Reilly – “Fuller’s a bad guy. He deserves to be at Guantanamo. If you’re in Guantanamo it’s because you’re a bad guy. Everybody knows this. Everybody.”

George W Bush – “The American way of life is not negotiable...but I’m told it should remain financiateabull-ish.”

…tomorrow The MinusCar Project weighs in.

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