Sunday, June 11, 2006

Saturday MinusCar

Paralyzing industry since May ’05, one bike ride, blog post and personal choice at a time.

Yesterday I had the opportunity to exercise my body and my inner capitalist. I rode my bike to my investment club meeting. The meeting was supposed to be under a park picnic shelter but it was cold and drizzly so there could have been some confusion as people figured out to move to the alternate indoor venue. I had no such confusion as I was carrying both the treasurer’s report and the food. The meeting was going to occur wherever I was.

I had to start early though. I left home with a change of clothes (did I mention it was cold and drizzly out) a stack of annual reports, plates, forks, knives, etc. I went to the grocery store for fresh fruit and ½ gallon juice, to the bagel shop for a dozen and to the muffin store for a dozen. My rig was loaded!

As I was getting ready to depart the muffin store a woman exited her vehicle and seemingly knowingly asked me if I was touring America on my bike. I answered, “Sprechen sie deutche? No hablo español.” I think that translates loosely to, “Uhh…I’m just carrying my groceries. Believe it or not I dress like this, transport stuff like this, and yet, amazingly, I live here.”

On the way home I stopped off at The LBS to wish them a good time at The Tour de Kota. It starts today. I left them the excess bagels so I wouldn’t have to pull them home. While I was there I took a picture of my ride with the trailer:

Oh, The Owner got a new ride and trailer for the tour. Here, this is better (with apologies to the Xtra-cycle crowd):

The trailer is a few weeks old and this was its first truly meaningful voyage. By the way, The Owner doesn’t mind how I’ve decided to voluntarily redistribute my wealth.

After that I stopped off at The Dad’s home then I went home for lunch.

The end is here.

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