Thursday, June 29, 2006

Focus "Really Gonna Get It" Revisited

This is a belated follow-up to this. Next week I'm planning a vain attempt to take a more serious look at things related to the "Really Gonna Get It" ideas.

The director of The MinusCar Project had this reaction:
The MinusCar Project is a satirical blog where the author imagines how difficult life would be if he drastically reduced the miles he travels in an automobile.
Oh my. I’m surprised people didn’t realize the show was satire. Plenty of people understand when talk turns to dismissing the automobile as a necessity it’s almost never serious talk. Take today for example…on my way home I drove past two coffee shops on the way across town to my favorite Starbucks for my evening latte. I got home and headed out to McDonalds with the family. After supper The Boy 8 broke his pencil doing homework so we headed to the store for a new one and a pencil sharpener. After the kids went to bed I had to go out again to get some lunch food for tomorrow. I bought gas while I was out. Hoo wee it’s expensive now. I hope they figure out how to make it cheaper soon cause I live out on the edge of town and these drives really start to add up. And seriously, how in the world am I going to do all that without a car? Huh?

Another clue that should have revealed the satirical nature of the broadcast was the talk about the standard of living being largely financed. Don’t get me started on this one. Like, duh! Of course it was. And what’s wrong with that? People like the standard of living why do you think so many people are going into debt in the first place!


Anonymous said...

I think I saw you on the bike trail Monday morning, near Sertoma! I recognized your green bag!

Tim was quite excited when I told him about my possible sighting of MinusCar, and he was dissapointed that I didn't stop and talk to you, ha. :)

mytzpyk said...

So, the rumors are true, the MinusCar guy actually does ride his bike.

Funny. I remember seeing you too. That fleeting look of recognition doesn't fully register until the follow-up, "hey, I saw you."

Thanks for letting me know!