Thursday, June 08, 2006

The May That Was

Today I became aware of two "minus" projects that occurred last month that I think are interesting.

A coworker drew my attention to an Aberdeen, SD newspaper sports editor who chose to walk everywhere in May. He did this as his own high gas prices protest and he blogged his experiences at Going Without Gas. I admire this guy's ability to keep statistics. Unfortunately for him, it seems he didn't enjoy the experience all that much.

The Dad e-mailed me a link to The Locavores. A group of people in San Franscisco spent May eating only food that was grown or harvested within 100 miles of them. This intrigues me greatly. I wonder what sorts of food are available within 100 miles of my home. I wonder if I'd be stuck eating field corn and soybeans.

Incidentally, a couple days ago I thinned our garden radishes. I felt unsure and sad as I yanked seemingly hundreds of cute future radishes out of the ground. Some of them were even partly bulbous and becoming quite radishlike. I ate one of them, dirt residue and all...but not before watching an experienced fellow community gardner and mother of a cub scout do it first.

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Eric A. said...

you should look into local growers. It may surprise you.
all sorts of fruits and veggies.
Maybe even some meat products , if that is to your liking.
I have thought of this myself.
While I love fresh fruits and Veggies. It would scare me to what to think I would find come January.