Friday, June 23, 2006

I Have Gas

Sorry. I know I promised a follow-up to the confusion of yesterday. I'll get to that but not today. If I've caused any inconvenience please e-mail me, I'll refund your subscription.

I had to drive to work today. I stood in the kitchen in full bike regalia and my PDA chirped. I had already forgotten four times that I had a Bike to Work Committee meeting at 8am so it wasn’t a surprise that I needed reminding again.

I could ride and be 15 minutes late or I could drive and be 10 minutes late…The Car was out of gas and it would need to be filled. Additionally there was a lunch date and an end of day haircut session for The Boys. Driving was extra attractive.

Sold. So I changed clothes and headed out.

At the gas station I opened the fuel door. The gas cap was covered with spider webs. This made me smile. I regret not getting a photo. Last time I put gas in The Car…April 7.

The highlight of the B2W meeting came in the form of a story. Apparently one of this years bike to work riders was tailed by an automobile. The driver of the automobile had called to police to report a bike being ridden on the road and wanted to be sure the perpetrator was properly apprehended. Magnificent.

I took the bus to lunch and walked back. I dined with The Dad, WhiteOpenSpaces Guy, and someone I have no nickname for but if he keeps dragging his bike into town from Crooks to run errands he might be inductee #1 in the MinusCar Hall of Fame. The hall is not climate controlled.

Incidentally, except for my bus trip no internal combustion emissions were generated for the lunchtime get together…and that’s even after WhiteOpenSpaces Guy offered to pay everybody’s parking.

One regular attendee couldn’t make it. He was having car trouble. No kidding. And by car trouble I mean the car he just got rid of had bad values and the engine of the car he bought blew after a few days. He's my cube neighbor at work...he suspects a little MinusCar sabotage.

The Haircuts? Uninteresting (does that imply everything above was?)…except to say I’ve got a couple really really good looking boys once they get out from under the mops.

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