Thursday, June 15, 2006

Reports: May 22 - June 11

Report: May 22-28
Trips -
MinusCar: 9
Multi-occupant Auto: 6
Single occupant Auto: 6

This is six days worth of data. The vacation started on the 28th. Half of the single occupant trips for the week involved the picking up of the rental van and the dropping off of The Wife’s car for repairs. Driving the car for the sake of fixing the car is my least favorite thing to do. And the problem keeps on giving too…see June 5-11.

My Car Miles: 30
My Bike Miles/Hours: 74.2/5.3

Report: May 29 – June 4
Vacation week. 1,700 miles driven. No single occupant trips. No cycling. No MinusCar trips.

Report: June 5-11
Trips -
MinusCar: 10
Multi-occupant Auto: 3
Single occupant Auto: 5

It’s always good to see the MinusCar trips greater than the combined multi/single auto trips. This could have been even better except for the need to return the van rental and pick up The Wife’s car after repairs.

Early in the week my marriage survived this story:

I’d just spent the vacation week driving everywhere I went. I had spent two days in town driving errands for the sake fo the vehicles themselves. I wanted to be done driving.

Tuesday late evening the need to pick up some grocery items arose. I declined to be helpful because I didn’t want to add yet another vehicle errand to my counts. This decision bounced around in my head long enough for me to realize I’d essentially put The Wife in the position where she’d probably drive to the store to get the goods…highlighting not only my selfishness but my lack of logic too. So I got out my lights and made the trip to the store…which had the additional enjoyment of a night ride which I just love.

The point – the sense that one cannot go anywhere without a car is very close to the surface…even to a guy who’s basing much of his existence on NOT going anywhere with a car.

My Car Miles: 59
My Bike Miles/Hours: 88.8/6.3

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SiouxGeonz said...

Hopefully that mindset was closer to the surface because of the recent vacation. Practice, practice :=)
Once I had Hokeyspokes and head and tail lights and lock on my Xtracycle, I really started automatically equating "have to go to..." with "get to ride to..." and grabbing the helmet and going.