Wednesday, November 15, 2006


The Globe That Is Warm

There’s plenty of fresh bad news out there about global warming. Perhaps the power shift in Washington has caused various groups to issue a flurry of press releases. Perhaps new hot steamy data has come to light. Perhaps the rearranged congress will be listening. Perhaps not. Whatever.

The 13th global warming tipping point is, “a shift in human perception that would push humanity to avoid mayhem by addressing global warming with the urgency it deserves.” – a Mother Jones e-mail about The Thirteenth Tipping Point: 12 Global Disasters and 1 Powerful Antidote, an article I haven't read. It looks interesting…and long.

The Ride

I went for a recreational ride today. I started in the fading light and finished in the darkness. I’ve recently re-discovered the recreational ride; it sure is nice to go without a set of clothes in a messenger bag. It makes me want to ride what little urban singletrack is available. I did.

I also rode without an mp3 player which caused me to realize I haven’t been doing that enough. I remembered the clarity of thought that comes from a quiet bike ride. I like that.

The Fascination: Why the Narrow Agenda of the Religious Right Doesn't Really Do Much For Me

Start with the religious right’s (as personified by James Dobson, arguably the most powerful voice of the religious right) fascination with a narrow agenda and strategic use of politics to create legislation.

The Conversion – Richard Cizik

Last spring I learned that Richard Cizik, National Association of Evangelical’s Vice President for Governmental Affairs had a conversion experience.

“…in 2002, I had a conversion to the science of climate change…global warming, if you will — is the third rail, 'you touch it, you die.' Well, I've touched it.” – Richard Cizik, Krista Tippet’s Speaking of Faith

His response to his conversion, in part, was to openly support the Evangelical Environmental Network (, the Evangelical Climate Initiative (ECI) (, and no doubt encourage his own organization to adopt a global warming position.

With Cizik’s help the ECI published a letter, "Climate Change: An Evangelical Call to Action" signed by 86 evangelical leaders, including the purpose driven Rick Warren, urging global warming action. According to Jim Wallis "the very day the article came out the White House called the NAE to ask what policies they were most concerned about."

The Third Rail - James Dobson Jumps to Action

On his radio show he said:
"...we believe that Richard Cizik and his colleagues are dividing evangelicals and setting them at odds with each other, as though we have to choose between that issue and the others that we feel so strongly about." – Focus on the Family Radio Show May 19 Warning: I'm referencing myself here.
He signed an opposing letter:
“…addressed to the National Association of Evangelicals…which last year had started to move in the direction of taking a stand on global warming… [the letter] asked the National Association of Evangelicals not to issue any statement on global warming or to allow its officers or staff members to take a position.” – New York Times, Evangelical Leaders Join Global Warming Initiative, February 8, 2006
And perhaps he tried to get Cizik fired. I’ve seen it written by a source I trust, on the internets (“so it must be true.”). I’m not going to point to the source but I have mentioned the post before. If you want it you’ll have to earn it. Besides, how can an outsider prove something like that anyway:
“Higher powers at the NAE, he said, insisted he remove his name [from the ECI letter]… (translation: Cizik, its oft-quoted spokesman, should zip it). "It looked like Tony Soprano had whacked one of his own," says Cizik. "People asked me, 'Rich, do you still have a job?' “ – Moving Heaven and Earth, KRON 4 TV
Who were the higher powers at the NAE? Meet former National Association of Evangelicals President Ted Haggard:
“[Dobson] went on to say, ‘Ted has been my close friend and colleague for many years...He will continue to be my friend even if the worst allegations prove accurate.’” – Haggard Admits Buying Meth, Denver Post
A Local Manifestation of the Narrow Agenda
Abortion - “Thank you for your email regarding the reporting of campaign finance activity for a group called Bound4LIFE…I do not know if their activity would require the filing of a report but if the group raised, collected or disbursed money to influence a ballot question, it is likely that a report should have been filed.” – South Dakota Secretary of State
The Other One - "You can see it coming. Why do you think that they’re trying to extend all of the privileges of marriage to the homosexual community? This is an orchestrated effort. I’m guaranteeing you, they’re going to want to sweep in and take the babies. They’re going to be the ones who want to care for the babies…We have to steal theses babies from the hand of this dragon." – Bound4LIFE representative


Anonymous said...

I'm just glad my church and pastor proclaimed The Word on the issue of abortion, gay marriage and gambling, from the pulpit and a letter to the congregation. He correctly used scripture to show how abortion is wrong, gambling is wrong, and marriage is between a man and woman. On these issues the Bible is clear. There is NO wiggle room. My heroes this election: Roger Hunt, the anonymous donor and the entire vote yes on 6 team.

mytzpyk said...

Steve: (Kirby?)

Please point me to the story of the time Jesus pushed for legislation.


Please demonstrate how a yes or no vote fulfills the Great Commission.

Extra credit for using your own words. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

A yes vote on 6 saves babies. Its that simple.

mytzpyk said...

I think it might be more complicated than that because a yes vote on 6 didn't save any babies.

I will concede that a yes vote on 6 may have added momentum to the effort for the possibility of future passage. But then I step outside the realm of simplicity.

Anonymous said...

Why are you so intent on bringing them down? You may not like what they have to say but they have the right to run thier ministry as they see fit. thier mision is to end abortion. they seek to do it in whatever way possible. I didn't get anything from them that was capeigning towards anything. it was always pray about this or pray about that or fast for this or fast for that. its what they do. here elsewhere. right or wrong it is thier spiritual mission. It just happened to line up with polotics. It doesn't mean they were campeigning.

and Jesus was a politcal figure. He was crucified by Pilot. Not the Jews. he ticked off the religous people by speaking his heart and mind in a way that didn't line up with with the comfortable place the church found itself in (kinda like bound4life) and the Pharisees who didn't want to be bothered or made uncomfortable or asked to rethink (or maybe they wer ejust irritated but they wanted him gone for sure) ran to the governement and said "hey this guys breaking your rules, you might want to look into that, you need to punish him" (kinda like you) and the government did. paraphrasing mine.

I just don't see why you can't leave these poor people alone. They are just trying to save babies.

Anonymous said...

Sorry. That was a little harsh. what I emant to say was whats your beef with these people. I knwo you didn't like the stealing babies comment. So. They are still doing far more good (in far betters ways than most people) than they are harm. why not just leave them alone?

mytzpyk said...

Leaving them alone - I have quit blogging until I come to terms with how I feel about Bound4LIFE and more generally the last election. I have said some things that I think need to be said about Bound4LIFE, perhaps too many times, maybe too strongly but not accidentally. I have not complained to the Attorney General, the one with the authority to investigate the matter. That's not to say nobody else will. I am beginning to leave them alone.

The medium is the message - I don't mind so much what they have to say. I like the silent sieges, the fasting and the praying. "Whatever way possible", I think the way matters. "Right or wrong", I think right matters. Far more harm than good, akin to the ends justifies the means, those are cultural things not Jesus things.

Campaigning - the red band means three things, one of which is a pledge to vote only for candidates that are actively pro-life. The reason to vote for actively pro-life candidates is so that anti-abortion legislation can pass congresses. South Dakota is a shining example of that strategy at work. Their three month presence in SD, ending the week after the vote was not an accident. I won’t say I think anti-abortion legislation is wrong. Please don’t say they weren’t campaigning.

Jesus the politician – still, I don't remember a story where Jesus advocated that the state should assist him with his work.

I appreciate your re-statement. I appreciate the differences between the first and the second comment. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Live it, why confuse it, simplify, don't complicate, love, don't!

mytzpyk said...

Of all the comments you've left me this is the best one ever. Makes me think I'm misunderstanding something.

But if I'm not...thank you. I like the comment.