Monday, November 06, 2006


The Boys know. They wear their helmets when they ride their bikes. They rarely need reminding. They just do it. Maybe they're following the lead of their dad or maybe they're just smart. The Boys have another interesting habit, they often forget to take their helmets off after riding. Scenes like this are quite common around here. (I assume observant readers can identify The Boy 8 in this picture.)

It's kinda nice that this happens. I get to be an over protective parent without any effort whatsoever.

Saturday, The Boy 4 came running into the house crying after playing for a while with the crew in the photo above. Turns out The Boy 4 was in the trailer of a pedal tractor being pulled by a boy 8. This is highly inadvisable behavior, had I been monitoring I would have registered my disapproval. This boy 8 turned sharp and The Boy 4 was pitched over the side where his head met the pavement.

We know his head hit the pavement because his helmet is now slightly damaged.

I'm not saying it saved his life, I'm not saying it saved us a trip to the doctor. I'm just saying we have a damaged helmet and I'm rather pleased about that.

This photo is the helmet but long before the damage.

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Anonymous said...

I managed to lose my helmet at the office yesterday (yeah, I know, makes no sense), but I've finally gotten so use to riding with one that I felt like an idiot riding without it . . . and of course you know, but no harm in reminding your readers, replace your helmet anytime it gets damaged