Thursday, November 30, 2006

It Was a Good Day...No AK Necessary

The day began quite similarly to the way it ended yesterday. With a howdy to a very cozy KT. This time he was in a warm vehicle with his lovely wife HBT, post fresh steamy latte fetching. She raised her brew and surmised aloud that I looked cold. I guess she didn’t notice the pit zips were open and venting.

30 minutes later and not any degrees warmer I was passed. On your lefted. Ridden by. Dropped. Elastic snapped. It’s wasn’t so much getting passed that was remarkable…it was getting passed in single digit temperatures. I suspect someone had the mysterious person imported for the purpose of passing me. First off it was a skinny little thing with lots of hair on a red Schwinn, gender undetermined. Secondly, it rode vehicularly, even signaling the right turn with an outstretched right hand. How odd. Good on ya mate!

Remember – red Schwinn. Must be crazy because they’re out riding in this weather! Look out.

I had enjoyed conversation with a coworker/MinusCar board member where I admitted I'm looking forward to warmer temperatures. Ironic isn’t it, living in fear of a warm planet and wishing for higher temps. This is life in MinusCarlandia.

The PDA beeped at me this afternoon. 15 minutes till my dentist appointment, something I had completely, utterly, and fully forgotten about. Ugh, I wasn’t mentally or physically prepared for a mid-afternoon venture on the bike. But wait…the bus. If I hurry I just might catch it. I stepped out the front door and there it was coming up the street. I ran and waved and hoped. Sure enough the driver saw me and waited. In my head I entertained visions of an approving nod from the TransitLibrarian for the hustle.

A snow blower was delivered to my driveway this afternoon. I’m loath to actually use it but the price for purchase and delivery were so good I couldn’t say no. Who knows, maybe it will actually snow. Maybe I’ll use it. I wonder how many mpg’s it gets.

Finally, The Family went to the Brule’ concert this evening. Brule’ is contemporary Native American music, with a holiday twist for this holiday show. I thought it was an incredible concert. I had plenty of time to wonder if Native American culture knows something about life that I don’t. I’m guessing it does.


Two Wheels at a time said...

My dad and brother went to Brule'in the Black Hills. I heard they put on a pretty good show.

Spoke-N-Sport said...

SWEET! You bought a blower. Now you know we will never have to use those stupid things this winter. I didn't get to go to Brule. I went to a movie instead.

Anonymous said...

Unrelated, but
Reason 649 that biking is better that driving a car:
I've never locked my keys in my car.

Anonymous said...

So, my husband and I read your blog regularly--we even received a minus car t-shirt from you for our "iconoclasts" posting. It has been a few days, so I was catching up on your blog and realized that you wrote about me last Thursday. It was damn cold. I was on my way to a meeting downtown, and shocked to see that there was another cyclist out. Sorry, it was too cold to say hello as I …ahem… passed you. Thank you, however, for calling me skinny. Iconoclast LT