Thursday, November 09, 2006

School's Out Carbon Lite

There was no school today. The Boy 4 went to daycare. The Wife went to work. That left The Boy 8 and I to figure it out by ourselves.

We walked out the door at 10:15 and caught a bus a little later. My favorite part of the walk was when he described how to make a wish and blow the seeds off a dandelion. I asked him what he wishes for. He wouldn't tell me. Sigh. My boy's old enough to keep things from me.

The Bus Women were all in a tizzy today. One of them got into yesterday's local daily because she offered a same sex marriage opinion. That led to a variety of political commentary. Political commentary very different from what I am accustomed to. A couple other Bus Women were quite upset because someone had spilled the beans about a surprise birthday party. The best part of all the is when we switched buses all the same stories were re-told to the new interested passengers and driver.

I've come to realize that there is a group of women maybe 10 to 15 large, that all know each other. It seems that the bus is their biggest point of connection. Events are planned and replanned, gossip is told and retold, all during rides on the bus. Some of the drivers also take an interest.

After we arrived downtown we selected a lunch venue. We chose well because I was able to greet The Progressive on the Prairie there. We agreed life seems a lot different on this side of a very contentious election. Part of politics is poison. We finished our hot dogs and enjoyed an hour or two of playing at the science center.

The Wife called around 2pm and we took the long way to her office for the ride home. On that walk we came upon the sculpture "A Book For Everyone." During the summer The Boy 8 became a reader. He liked this sculpture.

One of the books is "The Complete Works of Shakespeare." Another is labeled Tolstoy. Then he climbed up to see what the boy was reading. I stood there while he read the whole page. I love it that he reads. His learning to read has given me a greater appreciation of reading.

Now he wants to read the book but the title wasn't part of the sculpture. I e-mailed the sculptor.

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