Wednesday, November 15, 2006


A while ago I heard the preacher man speak about Being Beautiful (mp3) (Greg Boyd, Woodland Hills Church). Since then I've been bugged.

Tuesday I listened to a different preacher man speak about the Sabbath (mp3) (Rob Bell, Mars Hill Church). In addition to points about sabbath-ing, there are hints to the sorts of things I believe could nudge humanity in directions that would mitigate global warming.

Today I decided to take a sabbatical. I'll return when I think my sense of humor has.


Update: I've openly pointed to two personalities that I obviously let influence me and those two people come with baggage. However, these are two pastoral type people I trust. I trust them largely because I've never heard them say the person next to me should change their behavior. I trust them because they keep me busy thinking about my behavior.

The best criticisms of Rob Bell can be found through Wikipedia. I assume Google can uncover them for Greg Boyd.


Update: My download service might not work well for everyone. The official download pages might work better.

Boyd is here. The page is date ordered, 8/20 is the one.

Start here for Bell. It's not named Sabbath but November 12 is the one. They ask for e-mail addresses to download. As far as I know, they've never used mine for anything.


Colin Madland said...

We have been on sabbatical for a year and a half now. It's fantastic.

SiouxGeonz said...

Just don't confuse sabbaticals with crawling into holes for the winter... that's called depression :)

Anonymous said...

You remind me that I still want to read "Slack".
Slack: Getting Past Burnout, Busywork, and the Myth of Total Efficiency by Tom Demarco. has 33 customer reviews.

Anonymous said...

Excellent Focus on the Family broadcast today. Former Judge Charles Pickering is the guest. He explaines with grace, class and integrity how the democrats in the US Senate are religious bigots. Check it out at

mytzpyk said...

Hmmm...John A...seems familiar.

I look forward to listening to this. I fell behind in my listening last week. I'm on day 3 of last weeks adopt-a-thon. I think today's program downloads for me tonight, possibly tomorrow night.

So stay tuned.

mytzpyk said...

John A:

Never mind waiting a few days, there’s enough right here right now. Besides, I'm the one on sabbatical, you do some work.

“…the democrats in the US Senate are religious bigots.” – That’s an incredible statement. All of them? Some of them? Two of them?

Most importantly John, do you agree?

mytzpyk said...

John A...have you commented here before?

I misunderstood. From what you wrote I thought Judge Pickering was literally going to explain how democrat US Senators are religious bigots. Silly me. Now I see what you really meant was...

"Former Judge Charles Pickering is the guest. He explaines with grace, class and integrity how the democrats in the US Senate are religious bigots."

I wonder how Judge Pickering would feel about the characterization of his words that way.

mytzpyk said...

Alright, I'm done with part 2. I just don't see anything that supports John A's claim.

It's up to you John A to support with actual data either:

1. your claim that Judge Pickering thinks the democrats in the US Senate are religious bigots.


2. your belief that that democrats in the US Senate are religious bigots. I'll make it easy, just focus on one of them.


Since you're probably looking for a little something from me I'll offer a couple thoughts.

It seems to me that part of Pickering's argument in part 1 is that he should have been confirmed based on merit itself.

This doesn't seem to line up very well with Dobson's desire to have pro-life judges sit on benches. One need only go back to Dobson on the LifeLight stage in 2004 for that. He argued against Amendment A. An amendment that would take judge selection out of the hands of voters and into the hands of a committee that could select based on merit.

Dobson's desire for judicial accountability makes me smile. As I did some research on 2004 Amendment A I found myself reading articles from the Jail4Judges and the Prairie Progressive. Two entities that had plenty to say to each other THIS election cycle. Maybe a little Focused support might have closed that 90/10 gap a little.


So I've done my part John A. I've listened hard and I've listened well. I'm listened multiple times even. I've done some reading and learned a lot about the judicial nominations.

What have you done for ME lately?