Saturday, December 02, 2006

Giving Thanks

I had an exceptional four days off to celebrate the Thanksgiving weekend.

It started all proper-like on Thursday morning with the 2nd Annual Spoke-n-Sport Thanksgiving Day ride followed by my Annual Thanksgiving Day meal. That evening The Wife and I viewed the colorized VHS version of Miracle on 34th Street. I've recently been outed at work as a classic movie ignoramus and this seemed like it would remedy my most egregious transgression.

Friday The Boys and I ventured downtown by bus for our traditional viewing of the Parade of Lights. The driver remembered us from this summer when he almost failed to pick us up at the stop. The Boy 8 remembered the driver as the one who described running over road construction barrels with a front end loader.

We hooked up with The Wife for dinner and donned our warm clothes and glo-sticks for the parade.

Saturday I hooked up with some fellas for a trip to the hills. It's been a long time since the race bike has seen legitimate off road use. Seems I'm less willing to make the requisite 30-ish mile drive these days. Last time I was there some of us actually rode to the ride.

Some fellas. It was a pleasure to ride with and hear stories from Des Moines export and an Iowa 24 Hour Race organizer TT (left).

Tight formation.

Eayste finding balance.

Ride instigator Eggsnbacon. "Am I going to be on your blog?"

The trouble with taking photos from behind is all the behinds...

the trouble with taking photos from the front is...

you never know what's behind.

Saturday night The Family ventured to Winter Wonderland at Falls Park.


Spoke-N-Sport said...

Look...someone photoshopped my head into a picture. Didn't they?

mytzpyk said...

...or does it my my blog look big?

bikingbrady said...

Sorry I missed the big ride. Too bad the family just doesn't understand that I should be biking, not eating! We did get out and get lost on some "minimum maintenance roads" in Nebraska in the afternoon on Thanksgiving. It was interesting! Peace!