Tuesday, December 05, 2006

November 27 – December 3

I received an e-mail from a friend and MinusCar reader this morning. His employer has relocated to a building closer to his home. He says, “I know I won’t be doing this everyday, but so far 2 days in the new building and 2 days biking to work.” This sort of thing really makes a bloggers day.

Remember when I used to do a weekly report?

Trips -
MinusCar: 6
Multi-occupant Auto: 4
Single occupant Auto: 4
Destinations: 20

MinusCar trips are lower than they used to be. I don’t go to lunch as often as I used to.

Monday was wet and I had pickup duty, I drove to work. Tuesday was still wet, I did the car park and ride. A handful of people asked if I had ridden to work these days. I just hate saying no.

By Wednesday I was dying to ride and at 10 degrees the muddy ground was either dry or frozen. I made sure to ask how they all got to work that day. “Car? Excellent.”

On Saturday, since I just can’t get enough of high winds and low temps, I did a little recreational ride too. Honestly, I can get enough of high winds and low temps, but I had already committed to the Saturday ride. Sitting and enjoying post-ride bagels warmed us up nicely.

My Car Miles: 38
My Bike Miles: 51

Temperature Lowlights:
11/29 – Temp: 10 Wind: 17
11/30 – Temp: 7 Wind: 7
12/2 – Temp: 10 Wind: 22

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Anonymous said...

I am pleased to report that I rode my bicycle to and from work 6 days this same week. It was very cold early in the week.