Monday, December 11, 2006

December 4 – 10

Sunday morning somewhere in Kentucky Woo donned his MinusCar t-shirt and presented “Eco Community: Changing the Paradigm of Environmentalism” to his church. Woo rocks. Given the four hours of pain I experienced at the church I go to it was nice to have this pushing down on the other side of the scale.

Trips -
MinusCar: 11
Multi-occupant Auto: 6
Single occupant Auto: 3
Destinations: 21

I’m pretty happy with this week given how cold and Christmasy busy it was. I had somewhere to be every night this week. I was able to ride or walk to most of them.

The Car is approaching 3,000 miles since the beginning of The MinusCar Project. I’m using that as extra motivation to drive less ride more.

My Car Miles: 15
My Bike Miles: 67

Temperature Lowlights:
12/7 – Temp: -4 Wind: 6


Glanzer77 said...

I know we don't attend the CBC anymore, but on Sunday I was feeling pain, because I knew what was going on in the SF church.

I hurt because of this.

Anonymous said...

Whats with all the bah humbug in thee air at a SF church?

mytzpyk said...

Sorry PJ. I got nothing for you.

Anonymous said...

Guard your doctrine my brothers! Watch out for EV and RB. 1 Timothy 4:16

mytzpyk said...

pj stevie it's all the same to me.

Anonymous said...

I gave that talk speaking from an outline, and it wasn't recorded, but I reconstructed (as best I remember) what I said and posted it if you want to read it.

Thanks for your kind words, Minuscar.

I prefer I Timothy 4:4, if this is scripture day.