Saturday, December 23, 2006

I Still (heart) My LBS

I ordered up some Papa John’s Pizza to be delivered to My LBS for lunch then I hopped a bus and got myself there just as the delivery vehicle was leaving. It’s Christmas, and there’s nothing better than sharing a meal in community, especially at Christmastime.

I did this because I love My LBS.

Here, a week ago I lamented the death of Judy, my yellow forked companion of 11 years. That day The Owner suggested he might have a suitable replacement for me. A couple days later he said he thought it might be yellow. A couple days after that he confirmed it was yellow and he’d need to be sure the travel matched the original. Today there is a resurrected yellow Judy on the blue and yellow Zaskar, and The Owner claims once upon a time a conversation occurred, “We’d better keep that around because someday minuscar guy will need some parts.”

I’d like to see do that for me.

Merry Christmas LBS!


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Merry Christmas, MinusCar & Family!