Thursday, December 21, 2006

Public Enemy Cancels

Tonight’s performance of Public Enemy has been cancelled due to slower than expected ticket sales. It’s my fault.

Saturday, 12/9 – wants $10 additional just to sell me two tickets. I opt to purchase locally. Search the internets in vain for ticket purchasing venues.

Friday, 12/15 – I finally find myself in a business with a poster where I learn tickets are available at Last Stop CD Shop.

Monday, 12/18 – I drive by what I thought was LSCDS only to realize it’s not even Disc Go Round anymore. Return to work and ask dexOnline were LSCDS is.

Tuesday, 12/19 – I now require four tickets. Stop in at LSCDS to make my purchase. That’s $116 cash only. I’m $114 short. I’ll come back tomorrow after I shake the money tree.

Wednesday, 12/20 – I learn of the cancellation.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Considering that total SF sales for Public Enemy topped out at about 100 tickets, I think it safe to conclude that it wasn't your fault.

At least not entirely . . .