Monday, October 05, 2009

091004 Transportation Donut Plus Stats

That's a good looking donut!

As I gathered numbers for the donut I noticed I've driven my car less this quarter than any other quarter of The MinusCar Project. The daily posting provides good motivation.

Today I filled my car up for the sixth time this year. It had been 81 days since my previous fill.

The MinusCar Project has it's own Facebook page. Get mostly short mostly daily updates there and follow MinusCar approved events & meetings - or see the same updates on this page in the right column.


Unknown said...

The MinusCar:
- Better MPG than even the hybrid vehicles!

That is a sexy donut. I should start tracking that for me too. I think my Single Occupant still adds up since my walks are at max 6 miles per day ya know.

mytzpyk said...

6 miles a day of walking is a lot.

Snakebite said...

I will forgo the facebook business and get my info here, thank you very much.