Thursday, October 22, 2009

LAB Bicycle Friendly Community? Here's Why...

According to Bill Nespar, director of the Bicycle Friendly American Program reviewers [of our application] were particularly impressed with:

1. Efforts to educate young people in every school to give them the skills and confidence to ride.

2. One of the best urban bicycle path systems in the country and recent on-street improvements to the network.

3. The new bicycle master plan and investment to connect the overall cycling network.

3. Encouragement efforts such as consistent club rides, annual bike to work day, and events like the Tour de Kota and the downtown criteriums.

4. Dedicated advocates including those at the Falls Area Bicycle Club are a huge part of the successes in Sioux Falls.

5. The growing bike culture in Sioux Falls; it’s clear from your application and from local reviews that Sioux Falls is becoming a great place for bicycling.

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