Sunday, October 04, 2009

“This Gift To You Is Also A Gift To The Earth”

“That's what money is, stored energy. Now energy follows belief. The economy is based, I believe, not on scientific laws as much, but on peoples' beliefs…”

A few weeks ago as I wandered through the Green-ival a man stopped me and handed me a $20 gift card to the Empire Mall. He explained that a portion of the value of the card will be donated to a tree growing charity. I pushed for clarity. You’re giving me this simply because I’m wandering around the Green-ival?

Yes. Go. Enjoy your day. So I went. I enjoyed my day.

The man had given me 20 stored energy units. If I used these units to make a purchase the stored energy would be released. Energy to extract raw materials. Energy to produce goods. Energy to transport the goods.

Almost all carbon based energy, which releases carbon-dioxide and contributes to the changing climate. I assume this was a relevant consideration, beings I was at the Green-ival.

For every 20.0 units of energy I burn they’ll give 0.7 units to the “green” enterprise. Rocket science is no pre-requisite to observe this as a very lopsided equation.

“What is a good life? The answer to that drives an economy or other such questions or thoughts or beliefs. I believe that I'm alone and therefore I have to have something to be with me, to take care of me. I'm not safe. My whole life is about getting safe, so I spend money or don't spend money based on these kinds of beliefs…”

Energy and the economy. Economy and energy. Inextricably linked.

What if the economy wasn’t the most important thing? Would I really need to use so much energy?

This is good news! The book that guy read from is one of the bestselling books of all time!

The italicized text in this post is lifted from and episode of Krista Tippett’s Speaking of Faith public radio program titled “Repossessing Virtue.” It is Dr. Rachel Naomi Remen.

The YouTube video is pastor Francis Chan.

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