Saturday, October 17, 2009

Counting Bikes On Busses

At the recent City bike committee meeting The Planner offered the monthy counts of bicycles on busses. Looks like it may have been a pretty good idea to finally do that...

From Sept/2005 through Aug/2006: 2676
From Sept/2006 through Aug/2007: 4635
From Sept/2007 through Aug/2008: 4475 (oops, a drop!)
From Sept/2008 through Aug/2009: 6719

Looks to me like freedom begins with a B for a lot of people.


danceralamode said...

I can always tell there's an uptick in bicycle riding here in LA when I have to wait for two or three buses to pass before I can get my bicycle on a bus.

Great blog; I love that there are people throughout the US trying to go "minus car" as you put it. Freedom does start with a B!

bigH said...

What are your statistics measuring? I swear I saw a bus carrying a bicycle this weekend. When I looked through the windows to see if I knew the bicyclist, there was no one on the bus.