Wednesday, October 07, 2009


I retrieved The MinusCar from the mechanic today. I thought an oil change (dirty), transmission fluid (dirty), by-pass hose (coolant leak), water pump (coolant leak), rear wheel cylinder (leaky brakes), fuel filter (it’s time) might take at least an additional day. Unfortunately I missed out on today’s truly beautiful weather by driving home.

The man on the phone, upone learning I wanted it all fixed asked, “you’re gonna drive it for a while yet?”


I received a very important e-mail yesterday. A few years ago I took one of the best pictues I think I've ever taken and attached it to one of the best posts I think I’ve ever written. The post was a birthday wish to a then 60 year-old woman in Sacramento.

Kristin has retired. She still doesn’t own a car. After being hit by one she used an electric cart to be mobile. Six months later she healed enough from the broken leg to start riding again.

She keeps her multi-occupant auto miles to around 5 a month by utilizing the bike, bus, and light rail to get around.

The bikes! YES! Somebody’s grandmother has two junker bikes that she selects from when she doesn’t want to leave her good bike parked outside places. Mostly the bikes are given to her by people dispossessing them. She has enough to “provide for visitors who are now resigned that coming to California to Grandma’s house means cycling everywhere.”

Thank you Kristin for repaying inspiration with inspiration!


When I picked up the car tonight the man on the phone, who has been my auto mechanic for 20 years, and was in fact not on the phone since I was on site – how weird would it be if he was talking to me through the phone – asked me if I’m still riding and limiting my car use. You bet!

He is too. He said, “You forget how peaceful the world is until you get out of that machine.”

I just might have the coolest auto-mechanic ever.


db said...

I had missed that original footprints post. Thanks for linking to it.

WheelDancer said...

Great story and great photo!