Saturday, October 24, 2009

50/50 Chance Of Cyclocross!

Reposted from the Falls Area Single Track (FAST) blog.

Sioux Falls' first ever cyclocross event occurred Saturday morning. 19 riders were available enough and game enough to come out and enjoy the opportunity to ride in 0.4 mile circles with others.

What you don't see there is 40ft of climbing. Yeah, that's right, I said 40.

Cyclocross is known for its special flavors. We’re all pretty new at this so there were no men or women in skirts, no bonfires at the top of the climb, and no bacon hand-ups.

There was also no trouble with the neighbors, parks officials, or police.

...and we secured a lost dog too. Oh yes, we’re that good.

Here is some of the special sauce at our event.


First, Snakebite. Who one day thought, hey, let's do cyclocross and suddenly there were people riding around in circles. He has a way of doing that.

Jason Harms showed up early and said he was there to help - and he was - and he did.

Adam rode his bike through town with a 10 pound sledge in one hand after the hammer we were using to place barriers malfunctioned.


One racer tied a cowbell to his handlebar because, especially at cyclocross, there is no such thing as too much cowbell.


Before the race we took a moment to observe THE MONOLITH. It’s an electrical utility.


Antknee filled the role of the guy with no hair and a beard that goes to 11.


It’s important to have an Irish Guy in a Team Ireland kit.

That’s Kathy on the left from the Sioux City contingent. Tammy One-Speed chased her around the course all day. How about a special shout out for Madeline the youngest (12) participant! YES!!!!!!!!!


No, this is not Team Ireland carrying his brand spanking new Surly 1x1 Anniversary Edition with Large Marge rims and even larger tires because he didn’t want it to get dirty. The most striking feature of cyclocross is the torturous placement of barriers on the course. That’s a barrier he’s stepping over.

*photo Chad Pickard


Thankfully we didn’t need his professional skills (no last rites?) on the course. It’s always nice to have a minister on hand. Any chance we’ll make tomorrow’s sermon Rev?

*photo Chad Pickard


At the end it’s good to have a lot of cold, sweaty, drained people being held up by their bikes. The Muscle was a long way out in fourth, clawed his way back to 2nd and finally landed in 3rd after succumbing to Kyle’s tactics.


At least one team photo, it’s winner of the B event Peter on the right. 2nd place in the A event Kyle is second from left.


I’m ever so pleased that heretofore unknown to us, 15-year-old Zack from Crooks, SD rode away from everybody and won the A event. The enthusiasm of his family was warmth.


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Anonymous said...

You people are crazy, and that is why I adore you. That looks like it was so much fun. :)

All The Way Ray said...

Looks like my kind of bike racing.

mytzpyk said...

For sure nobody there saying you're not trying hard enough. ;-)

The Old Bag said...

More cowbell!

...and guys in skirts n stuff.....