Monday, April 11, 2011

41st Street Open House

First and importantly: tomorrow at 5pm at JFK Elementary there is an open house to gather input on re-creating 41st Street from Valley View Road to Kiwanis Ave. Decisions made in these planning stages will be with us for 40 years.

Anybody who's ever said or thought that there ought to be bike lanes on 41st Street must go to this open house. I'm looking at you former Senator Jerstad.

Perhaps someone will get really crazy at the open house and point out that this section of 41st Street is one of those places that James Howard Kunstler calls "not worth caring about." The reason Krispy Creme, or Timberlodge or Senior Weiner can't survive here - where 40,000 vehicles pass each day - is because it's a place where nobody wants to be.

I'm gonna ask that a Complete Street be built.


Yep, I drove today. Got the call, my Flux Capacitor had arrived and was installed. The MinusCar II was ready to roll. Again.

So I used it to get more errand running done. I also attended The City's Bike Committee Meeting and retrieved The Boy 9 from the steely grip of the Piano Teacher.

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