Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Catastrophic Failure

Made ya look.

I'm entering a bike in an April 16 triathlon. So I drove today with two bikes on the back of the car with the intent of one begin picked up by the triathlete and riding the other one home at the end of the day.

As I left work I found the Pugsley - not the one participating on the triathlon - had fallen over. Why? Because sometime during the day the tube had burst. Boom! I feel sorry for standers-by when that blew.

So I drove home.



SD_pedalpower said...

'da pugs is famous. Last night I spoke to about my 6th non bike person (stranger) last night and he spoke of tales of seeing this bike with the fatest tires he ever did see. It's was not just a ghost story, it's 'da truth.

mytzpyk said...

Love it! Thanks for tellin'. After riding that so much it's really odd looking down and seeing such small tires on my "normal" bikes.

gad2357 said...

Your tale of an exploding Pugsley tire stirred some memories of my early 1960s youth in Groton: SONIC BOOMS!!!!

Jessica said...

I blew up a tube once while inflating ... the second grade boy to which the bike belong thought it was awesome.