Saturday, April 09, 2011


Not much biking going on here today. It was a ret and wainy Saturday.

The graph shows a bunch of time spent in a car with other people. I think we did pretty good though. We got haircuts and breakfast and bread and groceries and bike tubes and groceries and gas and retrieved something from The MinusCar II at the service garage and groceries and SDBC mail and FAST mail. All in one trip.

I did manage a little bike ride. The Wife wanted a Coke. I'm nothing if I'm not receptive to The Wife's need for a Coke. So I grabbed The Boy 13 for a trip down the road. We noodled around a bit on the way.


I spent a significant about of time today on the phone preparing for my Traffic Skills 101 class in Rapid City. Should be a good time. I enjoy working with the other League Cycling Instructor in the state.

Part of that trip will include some time with a few Rapid City officials. We'll brief them about what we're teaching citizens about riding bicycles in their city. Should be a good time - especially since I'm fresh off my local meetings a couple weeks ago - and especially since they're in the public feedback stage of their first bike plan. A plan that may rely a bit heavily on relatively dangerous sidepath facilities and not enough on less dangerous roadway improvement.

I also spent some significant time sourcing proofs that cycling on sidewalks is more dangerous than riding as a vehicle in the roadway.

Bob Mionske's Bicycling and the Law has been coming up a lot in my policy related conversations. I haven't read it cover to cover but reference-wise it's been indispensable. The MinusCar Project seal of approval on this one.

Remember, Sioux Falls Traffic Skills 101 through Community Education is April 28, 29 & 30.


Snakebite said...

Are you able to do any riding while'st in Rapid? M Hill? Do it! If nothing else, go to the trailhead and check out their sign.

mytzpyk said...

M-Hill is planned for Sunday morning, yes!