Tuesday, April 12, 2011

I-29 Exit 77 (41st Street) Crossroad Corridor Study

What is the purpose of the study? - "The I-29 Exit 77 Crossroad Corridor Study will be a guidebook for roadway and access improvements over the next 5 to 20 years for 41st Street, Louise Avenue, and the I-29/41st Street interchange."

"The primary transportation related considerations will be roadway capacity safety, and access. Other considerations include pedestrians, transit, and aesthetics." (I swear the presentaton "considerations" slide included bicycles.

Public commentary welcome until 4/26.

What's good for pedestrians and cyclers is good for safety, access, transit and aesthetics.

The official project site.


Yeah, yeah, I know.

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mytzpyk said...

Check the project page link I sent. At the very bottom of their page is the e-mail for James Unruh @ HDR.