Tuesday, August 02, 2005

The Boy 3 Is Scary

The Boy 3 took the matter of Saturday lunch into his own hands. I should have known there'd be trouble when he came to me (in the bathroom) and said he was waiting for lunch. He tends to state things in opposites. (I wonder if that's why he always does what you tell him not too...hmmm.)

He is allergic to wheat and dairy so there is very high risk associated with him choosing his own food.

Here's what he made...

...he ate all of it.

In other food news, Mother's Brand cereal from Quaker has Cocoa Bumpers (think Cocoa Puffs) that are wheat and dairy free. It's always nice to have these products added to the market. Recently Kellogg's put wheat in Corn Pops, not only one of his favorites, but also the last Kellogg's Cereal without wheat.

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