Sunday, August 07, 2005

Heavy Cycling

Friday night riding buddy Uncle Albers and I put down about 30 mostly off road miles in the dark. He and I were well matched for speed which made for a very fun ride. Think speeder bike racing through the forests of Endor without sunlight or the Ewok traps. At one point our lights revealed a couple really young deer running though a park.

To bed at midnight and up at 5:30am to get to day 1 of the local MS150 Tour. Waking up like this is good practice for the upcoming 24 hour race, except The Wife doesn’t come to the race and I was sleeping through my alarm until she jostled me awake. Thanks dear. I rode to the ride, rode the ride, and then rode to the in-laws after the ride. Seven hours and 98 miles later I was reunited with my family and it didn’t feel so good in the shower trying to keep my sore spots away from the stinging water.

I skipped day 2 of the MS150 so I could hook up with Uncle Albers, Eggsnbacon, and Rotsap Rekced for a trip to Ponca State Park in Nebraska. It was hot. Early in the ride I broke my chain and unlike the previous broken chain experience I knew where my tools were. In spite of that, any time spent playing in the dirt is still a good time. Rekced and I left the other two in Ponca and came home after maybe just an hour of riding.

Here’s the endless view from the bluff at Ponca. The white spot is a boat.

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