Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Road Trip: 24 Hours of Afton 6th Edition

Day 1:

Lunch at Lion’s Tap in Eden Prairie - Focus on one thing and do it really well. Good hamburgers!

Bike Shop Tour - One On One Bicycle Studio, Freewheel Bike, Behind Bars Bicycle Shop

J&B Distributors/Genuine Innovations product presentation – cool, I actually use some of these products…and free pizza!

Velodrome: National Sports Center, Blaine! – We made it for the final event, a 50-lap points race. After missing the first sprint and then missing out on the lead group, it was a pretty dramatic as the eventual winner worked his way back into the race and won the final three sprints to win the race.

Day 2 and 3

24 Hours of Afton –

The Worst – The Me, I wasn’t nearly as good as last year. The Rain, it rained Friday leading up to the race, the course improved as the race went on, but I had first lap and I let that set the tone for my race. The Bike, it turns out running the bike into the garage with a car isn’t such a great thing to do before a race. I rode with a blown air seal on my front suspension, which wasn’t fun.

The Best – The Light, CatEye Triple Shot LED Headlight, LED you’ve come a long way baby. Sold. The Company, this was the sixth year for the team at Afton and it’s always a nice way to get away with these guys. The Finish, the goal for us at this race is to still be running at the end, and we met that goal.

Day 3

Days Inn Minneapolis – turns out when I booked the motel through Yahoo! Travel I requested a smoking room. The motel wouldn’t do anything for me, Yahoo! wouldn’t do anything for me. Two $60 showers later and I’ve booked my last time using Yahoo! Travel.

24 Hours @ The Stone Arch Bridge – this was a very cool, pretty low-key event. We spent an hour sitting on the Stone Arch Bridge listening to a drone quartet and looking at Minneapolis bicycle culture as it rode by on the bridge.

Hampton Inn Bloomington – non-smoking room, ‘nuff said.

Day 4

Return home, but lock the keys in the car and change a flat tire just to make the trip home seem adventuresome.

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Anonymous said...

I thought the flat tire was in keeping w/ the spirit of 24 Hours of Afton.