Monday, August 01, 2005

Report: July 25-31

Trips -
MinusCar: 8
Multi-occupant Auto: 10
Single occupant Auto: 3
My Car Miles: 9

While single occupant auto trips are higher than I'd like, the 9 miles put on my car this week indicates it was probably used exclusively as a mobile bus stop. Usually I like to report the specific need for single occupant trips but I can't remember them.

This week also included a special first of its kind family MinusCar trip to a nearby birthday party.

Bicycle Training: 2.3 hours

After the big crash on Wednesday I put bicycle training on hold. If I were a participant in sports requiring rapid direction changes I might be inclined to visit an orthopede, but I don't so I'm not. The knee feels pretty good, I've continued to be able to use the bicycle as transport which makes me happy.

But what about the hip? A Friday family walk amongst the sculptures in the downtown area revealed to me that I also injured the hip that is connected to the knee. Since Friday the sore hip has been making sleep difficult because it wakes me up and wants me to change positions.

I plan to resume training this week.

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