Monday, August 08, 2005

In the News: China & Kyocera

The Christian Science Monitor reports on the rise of automobile use in China. I can't imagine what it would be like for a kid in China, realizing that in their lifetime, instead of just reading about Beijing or The Great Wall, they're likely to be able to drive to those places and see them with their own eyes. Much like our own excursions to the Corn Place, Wall Drug, and Mt. Rushmore.

Like it or not Kyocera has a parking lot in San Diego covered with solar panels. "Kyocera today announced that it will hold a public dedication for its first-ever Solar Grove(TM); an array of 25 "solar trees"(TM) that converts a 186-vehicle parking lot into a 235-kilowatt solar electric generating system..."

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CRB said...

I saw your new bit about the Kyocera "sun farm." I think this is a wonderful way to make use of an other wise wasted space. It has several benefits: It will make the car interiors cooler, it will help generate energy for the city and it will offer cooler shade for passers by. AS far as their clim to be "aesthetically pleasing," well that is in doubt, but the other benefits are evident.